PRO 13 K & PRO 16 K Vertical Log Splitters








from Spectrum Plant.

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Vertical Log SplittersSpectrum Plant provides a wide range of professional vertical log splitters from 7 to 35 tons – please call us to discuss your requirements.

PRO 13 K & PRO 16 K   13-16 Ton Vertical Log Splitters

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The PRO K vertical log splitters are a great all round log splitter, ideal for dealing with larger rings of timber that may be difficult to lift from ground level.

These professional vertical log splitters will take logs up to 70cm long, with no physical restriction on the log diameter. The log rests on the ground level base for easy loading.

The PRO K vertical log splitters are fitted with a 2 speed pump, giving them an excellent splitting speed.
Automatic cylinder return means you can be positioning the next log on the ready for splitting as the ram returns speeding up the splitting process considerably.

Power options: 240v & 3-Phase Electric, Petrol Engine, Tractor PTO and Hydraulic Plug In versions.

The steel splitting knife quickly splits even knotty timber, and an optional 4 way knife can be used to speed up production on straighter grained timber.

All Balfor log splitters are powder coated for a better finish and greater durability, and the V-K models are fitted with long lasting nylon slides on the splitting knife that can be easily replaced if they wear over the years.


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