Arborists Trauma Kit.

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    This comprehensive Arborists Trauma kit has been designed for the management of major & catastrophic bleeding, the kit contains some of the leading brands on the market, it can also be applied one handed. The kit should accompany your standard First Aid kit.

    The Arborists Trauma kit is packed in an easy open bag and includes:


    This Tourniquet is designed for the rapid management of catastrophic haemorrhage that completely occludes arterial and venous blood flow of an extremity in the event of a traumatic wound with significant haemorrhage. Tourniquets are one of the simplest ways to stem blood flow from a limb in an emergency, and are now on widespread issue most troops on active deployments, Once tightened and bleeding has stopped, the Tourniquet is locked in place. 

    6” Trauma dressing with Pressure Bar (Israeli bandage)

    The Israeli Bandage with Pressure Bar is one of the finest bandages of its kind in the world, designed for quick and easy application by professional and non-professional care givers to provide effective, multi-functional treatment. The Emergency Bandage’s sterile, non-adherent pad with the use of the pressure bar to creating immediate direct pressure to the wound site to control bleeding. The product is easily wrapped and secured, an injured person can self-apply the bandage with one hand. The Emergency Bandage consolidates numerous treatment equipment into a single unit and provide in one device: This is the civilian version of the NATO British Army issue.

    CELOX Haemostatic Granules 15g

    CELOX is the newest generation of emergency haemostatic agents. Simpler to use and safer than older technologies, CELOX granules quickly control even the most severe arterial bleeding. Just pour it in, pack it, and apply pressure.

    (Haemostatic Gauze)

    Haemostatic Gauze is designed specifically for the battlefield and emergency medical professionals to quickly control severe haemorrhaging and save lives. First haemostatic gauze with a z-folded design for easy handling and rapid application which readily conforms to varying wound surfaces to rapidly stop bleeding and seal the wound site. The Gauze provides antibacterial properties against dangerous organisms and offers medical professionals and emergency responders critical time to administer care.

    Gauze Pads x 2

    These Gauze pads take care of moderate to severe wounds involving heavy blood loss. Made with high quality cotton for maximum absorption and stability,

    The brilliant absorption make it ideal to remove access blood for inspection of the wound site.

    Tuff Cut Scissors

    These scissors are carried by Emergency services and feature a non-sharp end, strong with the ability to cut through most types of clothing including belts & chainsaw trousers.

    Emergency Whistle

    Capable to produce 100+ decibel sound, Suitable for either belt or lanyard / cord attachment, 

    New enhanced ergonomic feel, Bright orange polypropylene construction.

    Medical Resusciade in pouch

    Handy resuscitation kit
    Resuscitation shield and one way valve reduces risk of cross infection
    Complete with non-sterile pre-powdered vinyl gloves for total protection
    Kit stored in a handy hook and loop closing key fob for convenience

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