SC NT Logging Saw Bench with Conveyor

Logging saw benches

Spectrum Plant provides Logging saw bench with conveyora full range of logging saw benches for fast firewood production, available with a variety of power sources, and with or without conveyors

Models available in 12″ or 13″ Diameter Cut with 4 or 5 Meter Conveyors

Balfor circular saws are designed for high production but with total safety in mind. The SC NT offers a safer and faster alternative to cutting with a chainsaw with the added benefit of a conveyor to help load the cut timber.

Based on the popular SC700 and SC750 saw benches, the SC NT is fitted with an extremely durable 700mm or 750mm tungsten tipped circular saw blade, able to cut cleanly through a 12″ (30 cm) or 13″ (32.5 cm) diameter log. The waist height rocking log trough is fitted with rollers to make it easier to move the timber across for the next cut, making the SC NT a very comfortable machine to use.

With the option of a 4 meter or 5 meter long extending conveyor the unit can load timber directly from the saw into a log store or trailer, saving time and effort.
The unit quickly folds for transport and storage.

TSC700CNT4 sawbench and conveyorhe adjustable CAT 1 & 2 3-point linkage on the PTO version makes it compatible with a wide variety of tractors, despite only needing about a 25HP tractor to run. It can also be operated as a stand alone unit avoiding the need to connect the linkage.

The saw bench has a hard wearing multiple V belt drive driving a steel blade spindle.
Also included as standard is a trough extension to help support longer logs, an adjustable cutting length guide, and a spanner to remove the blade should it be necessary.


Using heavy duty serviceable components, the circular saw benches are also powder coated for a better finish and greater durability, giving them long working lifespan.SC700 CNT + A9 sawbench

The SC NT saw bench and conveyor is available in a tractor mounted PTO version, and a 3 phase electric version.

We can also off the saw bench and conveyor with an add on log splitter, allowing the operator to split down bigger logs before they go up the conveyor.


There are many more machines in our range, and many options, so please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

 Saw bench with conveyor specification