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High Quality Logging Circular Saw Benches 

SCD700 logging circular saw benchSpectrum Plant offer a range of logging saw benches for both domestic and professional users.

SC600EM, 600mm 240V Electric Saw Bench
SC700, 700mm Saw Bench
SC750, 750mm Saw Bench
SC NT, 700mm Saw Bench with Conveyor

XC 608 EM 600mm Saw & 8 Ton Splitter Combination

Balfor Logging Circular Saw Benches

Balfor circular saw benches are designed for high productivity but with total safety in mind.

These saw benches are fitted with extremely durable tungsten tipped circular saw blades able to cut cleanly through the toughest log.

The log bed is at waist height and works on a rocking movement. The bed is fitted with rollers to easily load the log, making them a very comfortable machine to use. They are also fitted with wheels and handles for easy manoeuvrability.

These saw benches have hard wearing multiple V belts driving a steel blade spindle.
Also included as standard is a log bed extension bar fitted with rollers to support longer logs, an adjustable cutting length guide chain, and a spanner to remove the blade should it be necessary.

Using heavy duty serviceable components, these circular saw benches are also powder coated for a better finish and greater durability, giving them protection from knocks, scratches and weather conditions.

These saw benches are available in a number of different power options: Petrol driven engines, PTO, 240v electric (240v electric model requires a 16amp power supply) and 3-phase electric.


Logging saw bench with conveyor

We also offer saw benches fitted with conveyors in an integrated unit to make loading or storing your firewood easy.



There are many more machines in our range and many options. Please give us a call on  0161 850 1011 for further information.

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