SBF 7/8 Ton Vertical Log Splitters

Vertical Log Splitters

Spectrum Plant provides a wide range of professional vertical log splitters from 7 to 35 Tons – please call us to discuss your requirements.SBF vertical log splitter

SBF, 7/8 Ton Vertical Log Splitter

The SBF models are specifically designed for the homeowner and smallholder looking for a small but powerful splitter. It is available in a 7 or 8 Ton version.

This vertical log splitter will take logs from 6 to 40 inch (15 – 105cm) long, and up to 14″ (35cm) diameter. The two handles hold the log securely for an accurate split.
The table height can be adjusted to accommodate different log lengths and also for a comfortable working position.

The SBF vertical log splitters have automatic cylinder return, meaning you can be positioning the next log on the table ready for splitting as the ram returns. And to speed up the splitting process further you can limit the return stroke of the splitting ram to suit any log length or ring height!

With a 240V electric motor, fitted with a 13 amp plug, in can be plugged in to any good power point.

The steel splitting knife quickly splits even knotty timber, and the removable 4 way knife (included as standard) can be used to speed up production on straighter grained timber.


SBF vertical log splitter specification