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Vertical Log Splitters

Spectrum Plant providesA11 11 ton vertical log splitter a wide range of professional vertical log splitters from 7 to 35 Tons – please call us to discuss your requirements.

A11V, 11 Ton Vertical Log Splitter

The A11V vertical log splitter is a popular choice for commercial firewood producers and tree surgeons needing a fast and powerful machine

This professional vertical log splitter will take logs from 55 – 135cm in length, and up to 50cm diameter. The two handles hold the log securely for an accurate split.
The table height can be adjusted to accommodate different log lengths and also for a comfortable working position. With the table at the top setting as shown it is an excellent machine for rings due to the comfortable working height.

The A11V vertical log splitter is fitted with a 2 speed pump, giving a fast cycle time for more efficient splitting
Automatic cylinder return means you can be positioning the next log on the table ready for splitting as the ram returns. And to speed up the splitting process further you can limit the return stroke of the splitting ram to suit any log length or ring height in-between!

Power options: 240v and 3 -Phase Electric, Petrol Engine, tractor PTO or hydraulic plug in versions or combinations of power sources.

The wide steel splitting knife quickly splits even knotty timber, and an optional 4 way knife can be used to speed up production on straighter grained timber.

All Balfor log splitters are powder coated for a better finish and greater durability, and the A11V is fitted with long lasting nylon slides on the splitting knife that can be easily replaced if they wear over the years.


A11 spec

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