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Spectrum Plant offers the largest range of commercial horizontal log splitters on the market, from 12 to 100 tons, for fast firewood production.

We have a machine suitable for every need, so please call on 0161 850 1011 us to discuss your requirements.

A22OR, A30OR & A40OR.  22, 30 & 40 Ton Horizontal Log Splitters

A22 OR 1060 C horizontal log splitter

The A22OR, A30OR & A40OR range horizontal log splitters offer powerful and robust splitting, they are a perfect splitter for a demanding commercial user.

Available with a variety of splitting lengths and power options, it is possible to build the perfect log splitter for you.

Options: Winch, Scissor Grab, ram and bed extensions unto 2.6m, remote control and 4 Way Hydraulic Knife are just a few items you can add to make your perfect splitter.
Power options: 3-Phase Electric, Petrol Engine (A22 only) Diesel Engine, PTO Driven and Hydraulic Plug-In.

The standard range of horizontal log splitters incorporate Balfor’s normal high build quality, with a fully welded construction, and a powder coated finish.
Features like nylon or bronze slides on the ram ensure an exceptionally long service life, and easy replacement if required.

The log splitters all have 2 speed hydraulic systems for fast and efficient use.
They come standard fitted with a bolt on 2-4 way knife, and have an optional quick change drop on 4 way knife, or a fully hydraulic knife too.

There are many more machines in our range, and many options, so please give us a call to discuss your requirements.
Horizontal log splitter

horizontal log splitter