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High Quality Professional Horizontal Log Splitters

A22 - 22 ton horizontal log splitter

Spectrum Plant provides a wide range of professional horizontal log splitters from 7 to 100 tons – please call us to discuss your requirements.

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A12OR-A16OR, 12-16 Ton Horizontal Splitter
A22OR-A40OR, 22-40 Ton Horizontal Splitter
A60OR, 60 Ton Horizontal Splitter
PRO22, 22 Ton Horizontal Splitter
PRO35-PRO45, 35-45 Ton Horizontal Splitter


Featured Product:

PRO22, 22 Ton Horizontal Log Splitter

Our best featured horizontal splitter for professional firewood producers.

This professional horizontal log splitter will split logs up to about 28 inch diameter, and 48 inch (~120cm) long, making it the ideal choice for billeting oversized and difficult timber.

The PRO22 is an exceptionally well featured and powerful horizontal log splitter. Available as shown with hydraulic log lifter, hydraulically adjustable 2-4-6 way knife and folding log table, it is an exceptionally fast and efficient machine to use.

A 2 speed splitting system is included as standard, giving a very fast cycle time of only 12 seconds to fully extend and retract in the high speed.
The cylinder automatically returns, and can be stopped at any point, so logs can be re-positioned and re-split while the cylinder is still retracting further speeding up the work process.

Power options: 3-Phase Electric and PTO

There are many more log splitters in our range, and many options, so please give us a call to discuss your requirements.