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High Quality Professional Firewood Processors

Firewood processors

Spectrum Plant offers a range of commercial firewood processors for fast firewood production

More models will be added very shortly

Continental 600 firewood processorContinental 650 firewood processor

We believe the Continental 600 is currently the highest performing processor in its class.
With a cutting diameter of 60 cm and a splitting force 30 tons, it can achieve a production level that was previously unheard of.

The operation is controlled by a single user friendly Joystick mounted up on an operator platform, giving the user good visibility over the entire machine.

The logs are fed into the machine with toothed hydraulic rollers, giving a very positive grip even on wet or slippery timber.
Timber is held by a toothed gripping arm while high speed harvester chainsaw cuts the log to the required length. In addition 2 paddles hold the timber while cutting and automatically release once the cut in finished, delivering the log into the splitting chamber. This massively reduces the chances of a log falling incorrectly into the splitting chamber.
The powerful 30 ton splitting ram pushes the cut log through a hydraulically adjustable knife, the standard knife cuts to 12 ways, but there are optional 6 and 8 way knifes if required.
The 5 meter conveyor belt extends hydraulically, and can also be lifted up and down hydraulically to allow for loading a variety of vehicles.

The Continental 600 firewood processor comes as standard with a 2.5m log rack, for fast efficient loading, ensuring production remains high. It is possible to add an additional 4m log deck, to give a total of a 6.5m long log deck for extended use without having to reload timber.

The machine is equipped with large wheels and a strong adjustable drawbar for towing and maneuvering.

Please contact us for more information on the Continental 600 firewood processor.

There are many more machines in our range, and many options, so please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Continental 600 firewood processor