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High Quality Professional Firewood Processors

Firewood processorsContinental 450 firewood processor

Spectrum Plant offers a range of commercial firewood processors for fast firewood production

Continental 450 firewood processor
Continental 600 firewood processor

More models are due to be released in autumn so check back soon!

Continental 450C firewood processor

We believe the Continental 450 is currently the fastest and highest performing firewood processor in its class.

With a cutting diameter of 45 cm and a splitting force of 18 tons, exceptionally high outputs are easily achievable.

A single joystick controls all functions for easy operation and less user fatigue allowing the operator to get the most from the machine throughout the day.
The machine has a powered infeed conveyor belt, with a non slip surface to help pull even bent timber into the machine.
Powerful log grippers hold the timber while the high speed hydraulic chainsaw cuts the timber to the desired length.
Paddle supports hold the log as it is cut, then release it into the splitter, dramatically reducing the chances of a log falling wrongly into the splitter.
The powerful 18 ton splitter pushes the log through  the hydraulically adjustable splitting knife, before sending the split timber up a slewing output conveyor.

Available in tractor PTO and 3 phase electric versions, the Continental 450 firewood processor is a versatile machine.

There are many more machines in our range, and many options, so please give us a call to discuss your requirements.