Timberwolf 280TFTR(Turbo) wood chipper

Timberwolf 280TFTR(Turbo) wood chipper

Timberwolf 280TFTR(Turbo) wood chipper


The Timberwolf 280TFTR(Turbo) wood chipper  is a ‘go anywhere’ tracked chipper, with excellent off-road performance and a chipping ability to match.

It has a two-speed tracking system, low speed gear to negotiate difficult terrain and a higher speed gear to cover distance efficiently. Both speeds are infinitely variable with a conveniently mounted engine throttle. It has a ground clearance of 245mm to tackle uneven surface and smooth running tracks together with a low centre of gravity enhancing stability on different gradients. In short, it will get you there safely and fast!

EVERYTHING YOU’D EXPECT AND MORE FROM Timberwolf 280TFTR (Turbo)wood chipper

There are times when the terrain is rough. Not just awkward or uneven, but seriously off-road. You need to get the wood chipper to the job, not bring the job to the wood chipper.

If you’re looking for the ground-covering performance and the outstanding efficiency you’ve come to expect from Timberwolf, the Timberwolf 280TFTR (Turbo) wood chipper will get in and get the job done. There’s also Timberwolf’s legendary ‘no-stress’ auto-feed control for smooth operation, combined with a heavier rotor giving added inertia to get the job done quicker.

Timberwolf 280TFTR(Turbo) wood chipper

A ‘go-anywhere’ tracked wood chipper with excellent off-road performance’

Users can expect an exceptionally fast work rate from this compact and manoeuvrable chipper, making it ideal for contracts where time is money.

Optional flashing amber lights (shown onTimberwolf 280TFTR (Turbo) Woodchipper )

Timberwolf 280TFTR (Turbo) Wood-Chipper

Optional winch available

winch for tracked chipper - fitted by spectrum plant

Timberwolf 280TFTR(Turbo) Wood-Chipper


Engine 45hp Kubota 4-cylinder turbo
Fuel Diesel
Max dia. infeed 210mm (8 1/4”)*
Feed Method Twin hydraulic rollers c/w Auto Feed Control
Blades 158mm double sided, fully hardened
Throughput Up to 6.5 tonnes per hour
Drive Direct 3 belt
Ave. Chip Size 19.5 mm
Weight 1620kg
Discharge fan through 270 degree rotating chute
Length 2740mm (tray up) 3300mm (tray down)
Width 1410mm
Height 2230mm
Tank cap. 36 ltr
Spare Road Wheel n/a
Hour Meter Yes
Ave. Fuel Cons. 7 litre/hour*
Rotor Dia 750 mm
Rotor Weight 119 kg
Rotor Speed 1778 rpm

Timberwolf 280TFTR(TURBO) wood chipper

Features & Benefits

  • The key features and benefits of the TW 280TFTR are extensive and this contractor’s machine is heavily engineered to work 24/7
  • Large fixed width tracks for low ground pressure, stability and off road traction
  • Reliable and powerful Kubota 4 cyl. Turbo diesel engine
  • Split rotor housing for easy access to blades and rotor
  • Blades – reversible double edged for long life. Up to 500 hours life per set. Do not require shimming
  • Clever rotor and blade design allows compact size that makes more efficient use of engine power compared to heavier and larger designs
  • Legendary Timberwolf no stress control – fast reaction times ensure high efficiency, high throughput and constant discharge velocity
  • Proven feed roller design with replacement teeth for easy feeding/long life, plus 4 x springs gives powerful ‘crushing’ ability to rollers
  • Modular construction of feed funnel, roller box, rotor housing, engine bay and chassis ensures exceptional strength, accessibility and ease of maintenance
  • “Safety Plus” features – large robust safety stop bar coupled with additional back up stop switch, plus reverse feed control switch operates independently of safety stop bar, for maximum operator safety
  • This is a “24-7” contractors’ machine
  • Adjustable discharge spout rotates through 270 degrees

* Engine manufacturers quoted figures


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