New Timberwolf 230HB WoodChipper

New Timberwolf 230HB Diesel WoodChipper From Spectrum Plant

Timberwolf 230HB Chipper from Spectrum Plant

This awesome New Timberwolf 230HB Diesel WoodChipper From Spectrum Plant. This chipper gets more chipping and crushing power yet remains under the crucial 750kg weight limit.

The TW 230HB chipper may look similar to the TW 150DHB but is clearly a new model inside and out. The innovative 230HB Timberwolf chipper is new from the ground up and shares less than 10 major components from the TW 150DHB.

The larger and more powerful chipping rotor is only one of several features that distinguish the new Timberwolf TW 230HB which also comes with, open top funnel, wide rollers with extra-large throat and exceptional crushing power with quad-force rollers.

While retaining the basic silhouette of the renowned TW 150HB, the new TW 230HB chipper is a clear step-up in terms of throughput, strength and serviceability. With a wider axle and a deeper chassis beam the new TW 230HB chipper has a more powerful and purposeful stance. These characteristics are more than cosmetic changes; this chipper is the most powerful sub 750kg yet and no stone has been left unturned in the pursuit of strength and durability to match performance whilst still being under that magic 750kg figure.

Timberwolf 230HB WoodChipper

With both performance and safety in mind, Timberwolf engineers have designed extra strength into every critical component throughout the machine to ensure it can give top level performance day after day, year after year.

In today’s modern world ‘serviceability’ and ‘up-time’ are as important as chipping performance and throughput; all service items have easy access (including the anvil) and there is even a central greasing system to help make the regular service schedule a doddle.

Call Spectrum Plant on 0845 345 4866 to arrange your free no-obligation demonstration on this awsome, fully compliant chipper.




24.8hb 4 cylinder Kubota diesel engine, braked road chassis

TW 230HB Chipper


Engine Kubota 24.8hp V1505 4-cylinder engine
Fuel Diesel
Max dia. infeed 160mm (6.3”)
Feed Method Twin hydraulic rollers c/w Auto Feed Control
Blades 2 x 135mm Double sided, fully hardened
Throughput Up to 4 tonnes per hour
Drive Direct 3 belts
Ave. Chip Size Average chip size 18mm
Weight 749kg inc.full tank of fuel and other fluids
Discharge 280 (degrees) adjustable discharge


New Timberwolf 230HB WoodChipper


Today’s professional arborist is under pressure to get the work done as quickly as possible with minimal fuss, so a chipper with an exceptional work-rate, being strong and powerful enough to take everything thrown at it without complaint is always top of the requirement list. With these demands, uptime is also paramount so quick and easy servicing schedules and clear access to all service items were also part of the design brief. Taking all our knowledge and everything you wanted, here are just a few examples of what you can expect from this amazing machine:

  • Ergonomic ‘open top’  funnel
  • Large chipper throat
  • Wide rollers
  • Exceptional crushing power
  • Extra heavy duty rotor
  • Fast feed speed
  • Large chipping chamber
  • Phenomenal chip and leaf ejection
  • Consistent and useable wood chip
  • Large greasable bearings
  • Easy access EW
  • Double sided, thick cutter blades
  • Twin feed control positions
  • LED light board
  • Auto latch cast tow head
  • Central service point
  • Central greasing system

Spec for spec, no other make of chipper can offer you so much performance, serviceability, longevity and ultimate resale value. This is a rock solid, reliable, high performance 6” wood chipper at a sensible price.


Call Spectrum Plant on 0845 345 4866 to arrange your free no-obligation demonstration on this awsome, Timberwolf 230HB fully compliant chipper.



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