FSI D30Stump Grinder From Spectrum Plant

FSI D30 Stump Grinder

FSI D30 Stump Grinder

The FSI D30 Stump Grinder. (30hp). Is a Kubota diesel engine with a HUGE 5’2″ sweep, making  this a brilliant everyday stump grinder.

The FSI D30 is for the serious user who uses a stump cutter regularly in their work. The diesel engine provides high performance capacity and excellent operation efficiency. All the operations, including travel and stump grinding are controlled via the integrated control panel. The control panel can be used to engage/disengage the diff lock as well as to adjust the speed of the swing movement.

The FSI D30 Stump-Grinder features;-

  • The outer wheels are easily removed with just a single bolt. Bringing the machine width down to 700mm and allowing access through narrow gates.
  • The main axel has a diff lock so on nice lawns you can turn without worrying about tearing up the grass. But when you are in the soft-stuff, engage the lock to make sure you can always get to the stump.
  • The water cooled diesel has plenty of low end ‘grunt’ to get through tough stumps quickly and quietly.
  • high quality hydraulics allow you pin point accuracy and ultra smooth control.
  • Big diesel tank and ultra bright LED work light allow you to work a full day at all times of the year

This machine brings a superb Scandinavian design, and build quality to a tough job and proves that FSI are
probably the best stump grinders in the world!


FSI is Denmark’s largest manufacturer of stump grinders. It has built up a wealth of experience in the construction and design of these products powerful Machines. Production still takes place in Ølholm Near Denmark where it all began, and sales have spread throughout the world.

A close relationship with our customers and a commitment to further development have resulted in a wide and complete range of FSI stump grinders. These products meet the current demand for a reliable and long-term solution to removing tree stumps in a fast, economical and environmentally friendly way.

You can Call us on 0161 850 1011 or email office@spectrum-plant.com to arrange a no obligation demo.

FSI D30 below


FSI D30-470 Stump Grinder from Spectrum Plant


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