The best stump grinder



The FSI B20 Stump grinder is Probably the best pedestrian stump grinder in the world.

The FSI b20 Stump Grinder is a Self-propelled Stump Cutter with a gasoline engine

A compact, well balanced stump grinder. It can be used to grind down all types of tree stumps.

With it only weighing in at 120K its easy to manoeuvre between jobs.

The pivot joint-between the Stump Grinder and wheel axle, ensures easy and smooth grinding, even under the mot difficult of circumstances.

The brakes can be applied individually to each wheel, so the machine can easily access the stump.Even if there are shavings in the way. The individual brakes can be used to negotiate steps with ease.

Standard on FSI B20 Stump Grinder
•Large easy-to-drive wheels
•Independent wheel brakes
•Centrifugal clutch
•Manuel sweep via pivot point
•V-belt drive for optimal capacity with a minimum of power loss
•3 x turnable tooth-system with FSI Holders
•Special designed cutting disc for optimal capacity and durability
•Vibration damped handle
•Adjustable handle
•Integrated points for lashing
•Lifting points for handling with crane
•Protection shields behind the cutting wheel
•Safety. If the operator leaves the handle the cutting wheel will automatically stop
•Tool set for wearing parts
•Hour meter with alarm 25h (lube) and 100h (oil) •Manual box
•Drawbar with ball coupling. Max speed 10 km/h
Capacity by cutting
Time spent for cutting stumps with diameter: ø400 mm = 12 min.
ø650 mm = 25 min.
ø1050 mm = 90 min.
All based on experience by grinding stumps 15 cm high to 15 cm below ground.
Stump cutter FSI B20

Compact • Low Vibration • Turntable design • 11 hp Honda Petrol


FSI Is Denmark’s largest manufacturer of stump grinders. Built up a wealth of experience in the construction and design of these products. The Production still takes place in Ølholm near Tørring in Denmark where it all began.

A close relationship with customers and a commitment to further development have resulted in a wide and complete range of FSI stump grinders. These products all meet the current demand for a reliable and long-term solution to removing tree stumps in a fast, economical and environmentally friendly way.

B20 Stump grinder in action.

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