Shredder Hire

Shredders significantly reduce the volume of the waste saving you money by reducing skip charges and transport costs and possibly increasing the value of the product.

We have hired shredders into hundreds of different applications including green waste, demolition timber, pallets, fencing, furniture, kitchen cabinets, water bottles, window frames, gutters, carpet roll tubes, etc.

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17″x9″ Shredder – Timberwolf – S426TFTR


The video shows one of our Timberwolf S426 shredders in action.  It is a heavy duty, professional shredder. Whether your problem is bulky green waste, tree brash, pallets, recycling, packaging materials, plastics, cardboard or contaminated timber, this versatile unit will save you time and money. Stunning performance on a wide variety of material makes this the shredder of choice.

Do I need a chipper or a shredder?

Chippers have very sharp blades and are only for fresh wood straight off the tree

Shredders use use hammers and are for everything else, green waste, old pallets, construction timber with nails in, old kitched cabinets, ivy, some plastics, etc

If you are in any doubt just give us a call on – 0161 8501011