A7VOR – A10VOR Combination Log Splitters








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Combination Log Splitters (Horizontal & Vertical)A7VOR log splitter

Spectrum Plant provides a wide range of professional combination log splitters from 7 to 12 tons – please call us to discuss your requirements.

A7VOR – A10VOR – 7-10 Ton Combination Log Splitter

The A7VOR and A10VOR have a splitting force of 7 and 10 Tons respectively. They are the perfect step up from the traditional ‘domestic’ log splitter into a machine that is must more capable and robust.
These splitters are small enough to be suitable for domestic use, but strong and powerful enough for commercial use.

These log splitters can split logs up to 55 cm long, with no physical limit to the diameter of the log.

The VOR range of splitters can be either used stood up on their base plate, or laid on their back, or even up on a table for comfortable waist height working, making them excellently versatile.

Large wheels make it easy to move about, making it the ideal log splitter for working on site.

Power options: 240v & 3-Phase EleA7VOR log splitterctric or Petrol Engine.





There are many more log splitters in our range so please give us a call to discuss your requirements.VOR log splitter specification