FSI Pedestrian Stump Grinders

The FSI ST20B has a TURNTABLE.  The turntable allows the machine to swing side to side so much more easily than a conventional design.

This innovative design feature just makes your life easier and means you can get through stumps more quickly.

The rest of the machine is well designed too with a powerful and reliable 13hp hp Honda engine.

Have a look at the video and then please give us a call to arrange a demo – so you can experience an FSI stump grinder for yourself.

FSI manufacture a huge range of PTO mounted, front end mounted or excavator stump grinders for a wide range of machines.

As these machines are often bespoke or modified to particular applications or host machines please call us to discuss the available options.

There are many photos of PTO, front end loader, excavator or mini excavator stump grinders available in the FSI Complete Range Brochure – please be patient it is quite a large download!

If you’re not the downloading type – please contact us and we’ll put a nice clean copy in the post.